F560 – Fully Automatic Fixed Chamber Baler


At the higher end of the McHale F5 Fixed Chamber Baler Round Range is the McHale F560 fully automatic round baler.  The McHale F560 is fitted with a servo operated load sensing control valve and an expert plus control console, which makes the round baling process fully automatic. It comes standard with all the high specification features of the F550 round baler but also benefits from;

  • An Expert Plus Control Console with a Large Graphic Display
  • A High Capacity 23 Knife Rotor
  • Automatic Tailgate Operation
  • Drop Floor Unblocking Cycle
  • Bale Kicker Sensor
  • In Cab Net Adjustment
  • In Cab Bale Density Adjustment
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Built to last and developed and tested on some of the worlds most rugged terrain, the McHale product range is known worldwide for its durability, reliability, innovation and value for money.

McHale recognise that there is constant pressure on businesses to reduce costs. As with all McHale machines the F500 range of Fixed Chamber balers has been designed with the demands of today’s farmers and contractors in mind.


Customer Opinions


“We run two McHale F560’s. The control box is awesome. When I have the control box set in auto I can organise my day from the cab because all I have to do is drive and stop and let the baler get on with it. With the baler equipped with load sensing it works very well and saves power and fuel. Each of the F560’s has done approx. 8000 bales without 1 stop.”

“The progressive greasing and automatic oiling reduces maintenance times while ensuring that all the bearing on the chamber and rotor are greased under high pressure.”

“I would recommend the McHale F560 for ease of use. The McHale F560 has a heavy build, and systems like the progressive greasing, the drop floor unblocking and the control unit, which makes the operation fully automatic, make the machine very user friendly. I also like the fact that I can adjust the net and density from the tractor cab.”


“We bought a F560 because of the build quality, it is the strongest baler on the marketplace today. I have been using McHale products for 11 years now and on my F560 I like the fact you can change all aspects of the baler from the tractor seat from how much net to the bale density. I also like the auto greasing as it puts the operator at ease as he knows grease is getting to the right parts at the right time.”

“Truth be told I have had no experience of McHales backup service, because I have not really had a problem with your products so far, which to me is only a good thing.”



F550 Buyer’s Guide

At first glance, McHale F550 balers might appear to have changed little over their product life cycle — from their launch in 2005 to the 2011 season, when the final machines were built. Under the skin, however, the balers saw significant development for the 2008 model year, with the occasional nip and tuck in between. James de Havilland for Profi Magazine reports.