A Cheesy Yorkshire Welcome For The Tour De France

Metcalfe Farms purchased a McHale Fusion 3 last year which has been busy making the bales for the creation of large cheese replicas across Yorkshire to celebrate the Tour De France arriving in the area. As contractors and farmers are usually busy this time of year trying to harvest and store their fodder, many farmers across Yorkshire have come together to showcase their milk being used in the making of Wensleydale Cheese by leaving their bales of silage in the fields in the shape of giant cheeses. An article in this months “The Northern Farmer” has highlighted the great prepartion Yorkshire farmers and the Wensleydale Creamery are doing for the Tour De France.

“Voila – C’est Le Grand Fromage”

An unusual sight has appeared in Wensleydale, causing a stir among locals, cyclists and tourists – and the local four-legged inhabitants. The giant Wensleydale cheeses mark the arrival of the Tour De France’s Grand Depart in North Yorkshire on July 5. Kevin Clarkson, local Wensleydale dairy farmer, said: “In celebration of the world’s greatest cycle race coming to the Yorkshire Dales, a number of the farmers had the idea of creating a large Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese replicas out of big round bales – as a true Yorkshire welcome for the thousands of visitors lining the route. We wanted to show off to the world what is special about our area and our milk, which indeed goes into making the famous Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese, which we are all very proud of. To start with, it was just a bit of fun to into the spirit of Le Grand Depart, and then more and more local farmers, who supply the milk to Wensleydale Creamery, got on board.”

“I think there are more than 20 giant cheeses now gracing the green fields of Wensleydale.” Mr Clarkson added: “The whole thing has caused a bit of a stir with postings online and, not least, with my herd, which seems to like them.”
David Hartley, managing director of the Wensleydale Creamery, said: “As execitement for the big day is building, we are seeing a visible number of cyclists visiting Wensleydale, tackling the nearby Buttertubs, a King of the Mountains climb.
“Let’s hope the sight of the giant cheeses inspires a British win.” he ended with.

Pictured below is Dairy Farmer Kevin Clarkson, left, and Wensleydale Creamery Managing Director David Hartley.